Mommy Moments


When I was in high school I worked in a factory for about a week. Yup didn’t really last very long there. Why? Well, because I hated doing the same thing for hours and hours on end a day. It felt so incredibly frustrating to accomplish a task only to turn around and find that I had to do the same thing all over again and I certainly couldn’t stand doing 8 hours of that a day. I would have visions during the day of all the tasks I could be accomplishing at home and the books that I would read when I got home at the end of the day. The truth was that when the end of the day came I was so drained by the 8 hours of doing the same thing over and over that I ended up watching TV all night and all my grand schemes were left undone.  Fast forward the tape ten plus years to this past week. I felt like I had walked back into the factory. I felt the same frustration that I did back then, only I wasn’t in a factory I was in my own house.

In the brochure on motherhood they don’t say, “Repeat the same tasks over and over again”. I am sure if they did no one would take this luxury cruise through life. Even though the brochure doesn’t tell you, this is one of the “perks” of motherhood. This past week I found myself in the kitchen feeling a great sense of accomplishment as finished off the last of the dirty dishes and I would turn around and find another pile. It didn’t end with that task either, then came the laundry. I would trudge to the depths of the basement to my trusty washer and dryer and be so thrilled to pull out some fresh smelling, snuggly soft towels and get upstairs to find a pile of grass and food stained clothes that wreaked of sweat and who knows what other bodily produced fluids (my son is potty training- some things just go with the territory). So back down to the depths of the scary cellar I trudged. Then I came to the living room… I found myself like a general ordering two of my little soldiers to pick up the explosion of little people that had been tossed to all corners of the living room. As they are dutifully obeying by picking up the last little person (oh wait I see one sitting under my desk, the second to last little person) my youngest comes from around the corner carrying an armful of toys and a trail of dolls, blankets, books and blocks leading from the back bedroom. This was only Monday… I still had Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… you get the idea.

I finally got to Saturday and thought some relief was in sight, however Saturday ended up being more the same. I was looking to Sunday with the hope of a break from the norm. As I perused my calendar I realized that I was scheduled to work in my son’s Sunday School class. Oh joy, a whole classroom of 2 or 3 year olds to clean up after, more of the same of my week. I vented my frustration to my husband on Sunday morning after being up late and then being woken up in the middle of the night by my 4 year old who “had to go potty really bad”, twice. “I just feel like this would be okay any other week but not this one. I feel like a need a break, not hanging out in the 2s and 3s class.”

Isn’t it funny that these are the times when God makes us eat our words and quietly whispers or loudly shouts into your ear, “I will provide. I am enough”? Yesterday morning was incredible. The joy on my son’s face when we didn’t drop him off at class but came in with him was overwhelming. I found a spot in the classroom and read book after book with a growing number of 3 year olds. Jon later told me that it was as if they flocked to me, which normally might have been annoying to me to have so many little ones sapping me of what little energy I had but it actually energized me. We talked about favorite colors and birthday cakes, we sang songs and did funny motions, we made a Moses and the burning bush craft, and played with trucks and dolls. As their parents came to pick them up I actually felt a little sad that they were all leaving. The best part of all was hearing my son refer to my husband as his friend, daddy and to put his arms around my neck and say “I love you mommy” unprompted. It was incredible moment that made me so happy to be a mommy. He provided and He is always enough…


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