Hallmark Moments


My husband gave me a morning out yesterday. It was incredible. I started my morning at JoAnns. I had a few items to pick up for my knitting/sewing obsession. As a side note, I think I could literally spend all day in that store and still feel like I had to leave too soon. Anyway, Michaels had their ribbon on sale so that was my next stop and then I rounded out my morning at Barnes and Noble. I ordered an iced coffee grabbed a stack of knitting and quilting magazines and lost myself for half an hour. It is amazing how quickly I can move in, out and through a store without kids in tow. At the same time I also don’t feel that constant pressure to shop quickly because the kids aren’t there and there isn’t the constant fear of the next nuclear meltdown.

I came home around lunch time feeling so light. I am sure there is a better word to describe how I feel but I can’t think of it. It literally felt like I was dragging when I left and I felt down and exhausted, but on the drive home I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders for a few hours. My husband didn’t feel the same “lightness” that I felt however. He had taken the kids to do some errands and he looked into my eyes and said, “Ellie talked the whole time”, followed quickly with “I know you know” (he is a wise man).

By the end of the day he told the kids he understood why mommy was so down and exhausted when he came home at the end of the day. I know he understands but it is nice to hear every once in a while. After the kids were in bed and we had collapsed onto the couch he said to me, “I wish there had been more Hallmark moments today”. I understood what he meant. Friday had been ROUGH. The older two had been at each others’ throats all day, I literally don’t think they agreed on a single thing all day, and the youngest was whiny and clingy from after nap time until bed time. When my husband made that statement I felt like, “Yeah I wish I had more Hallmark moments too”.

I was thinking about it in bed last night and I realized my Friday had its fair share of Hallmark moments. I spent some time reading to Ellie while she was curled up in my lap and she kissed me and told me I was the best mommy in the world (unprompted). Wesley had climbed up onto my lap while he was happy, a rare instance, and told me he wanted to “nuggle” (snuggle).  Abi and I played “peeka” (peeka-boo only we don’t say boo, just peeka) and we spent time tickling and laughing, she has the best laugh right now. These were incredible Hallmark moments. My heart melted and they are “snapshots” that I want to remember forever, but pretty much forgot while I was focusing on how difficult the day had been and how tired I was. My new goal, okay I have had this one before but seem to need constant reminder, is to look for the Hallmark moments everyday, because they are there they just sometimes get overlooked.


2 thoughts on “Hallmark Moments

  1. Denise

    How very true that we sometimes forget the good things because the bad things seem to outweigh them. I’m glad you were able to take a moment to remember, and to remind me to do the same. Thanks!

  2. Janet

    You are a great mom and wise to search for the memorable in the midst of the chaos. Don’t know how you do it all. Blessings–Janet

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