Detours annoy me. I understand that they are necessary sometimes, however they always take you so far out of the way and I usually run into them when I am late. My heart usually drops and my blood pressure goes up when I see a detour sign (this tends to happen a lot in the summer, especially in Michigan).

As we were traveling home this weekend we came to a major back up on the highway. I didn’t remember there being any construction, so I figured it might be an accident. We decided to get off the highway and “do the back roads”. I pulled out my phone to map out a new route and wouldn’t you know that it was running SUPER slow. As we sat in the parking lot, waiting and waiting, we decided to be brave, just go and figure it out along the way. I finally got some of my map to show up and figured out how to get to another road that would take us home. We drove and drove and drove on this country road, then we turned. On the next country road we drove and drove and drove. About 20 minutes later the rest of my map started to show up and I realized that I could have cut major time off our trip by taking another route. This usually sends me over the edge too. Finally we made it to another “main road” (I use the term VERY loosely), and came upon a “Road Closed” sign along with another detour.

Our trip took at least a half an hour longer than usual, but I found that these detours didn’t raise my blood pressure. I actually enjoyed our adventure. We didn’t have anywhere to be and there was a sense of peace I felt as we drove through the country side. My husband and I commented on old homes, daydreamed about living in some of them, and drank in the incredible scenery. I usually arrive at my destination feeling much worse than when I set out but this trip made me feel so at peace and lifted my spirits.

I think in life many times detours feel like an incredible inconvenience and we do all we can to get through them as quickly as possible. This is an incredible injustice. These detours can be the very “break” we so desperately need and we should enjoy the scenery as we go.


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