A break from the norm


I, obviously, have been absent for a little while. This week has found me drowning in paperwork for school, meetings, and kids. I have spent almost every waking hour working on school work or house work. I got to the end of this week and was emotionally and physically drained. I even rolled over when I heard my daughter making animal sounds from her crib this morning. I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed that early.

Today wasn’t going to be anything spectacular. The plan was to stay at home and get the house cleaned. It wasn’t really in bad shape but there is all that “detail” cleaning that doesn’t really get done throughout the week. That was the first part of the day but the hubby hired a babysitter for this evening! We were going to do our usual: movie and maybe coffee, however there weren’t any movie times that we could make this evening so we had to go to plan B. We really didn’t have a plan B, so we spent the afternoon searching all the “usual suspects” looking for something to do this evening. When none of those panned out we went to plan C. Plan C is usually cancel the babysitter and stay home but we weren’t sure when we would get out again so we decided to find something new to do.

Our evening started out at a great little cafe on 28th street that we didn’t know existed until this afternoon. I found it on the internet with a review of their desserts and we decided to try it out. It was fantastic. The atmosphere was perfect and dessert was delicious and the best part of all of it was an hour and a half worth of uninterrupted conversation. I didn’t know that we could talk for that long! I felt myself finally starting to relax after the week. All the frustration and stress of constantly having something to do just melted away.

We then made our way to a book store which also does wonders for my spirits and I found myself feeling so relaxed and happy coming home. I am so thankful that our plans were derailed. It was so refreshing to have a break from the norm.


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