A Slow Process


In February I was carrying my daughter into a house where we were having a “playdate”. As I rounded the van with her I hit a patch of ice. My first instinct was to try and grab the van and catch myself, however because I had my daughter in my arms I didn’t catch the side of the van. My leg ended up under me and I felt excruciating pain and a sound which I won’t describe. My husband came from work and took me to the hospital where I was taken into surgery and had a pin and screws inserted to put my broken leg back together.

I find myself six months later having come a long way. I had six weeks on the couch and then months of recuperation and therapy. I walk on it pretty well and for the most part I am not inhibited by it. This morning I had another check up (it was resident day). The resident asked how I was doing and I mentioned some discomfort I was having, so he did a check of my mobility and the typical “Does it hurt when I do this?” tests. After his examination the doctor came in and did similar “tests”. I left with a “you are healing really well from a horrible accident and we will see how you are in a few more months”.

The rest of the day my leg was SORE. I couldn’t let my kids sit on my lap because it hurt and I decided to skip the gym. I realized that I have come a long way but this process isn’t an overnight one and it definitely isn’t finished. I was struck with the idea that my leg never be “normal” again. I have been very driven to get back to being normal and I have a personality that wants to get healed and get on with life. This process has been difficult. My emotional and spiritual life is much of the same as well. I want to get through the hard times or the times of healing and get on with life, but that isn’t how it works. This process can be a long one and it is important so that I become who I am supposed to be, so just like my leg, I will have to be patient.


2 thoughts on “A Slow Process

  1. sarah anne

    you are fabulous and loved. Not a fan of the “healing process” myself … but you are not alone! Praying with you friend … always!! I’m thankful to be able to journey WITH you 🙂

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