Thank God for Seasons


I have been in a funk the past two weeks. I have felt the end of summer and the beginning of fall coming but it seems there has been an in between time. This summer was fun, trips to camp and relatives, beach time, pool time and all the other little things that make summer, summer. I love fall. I adore the cooler weather, wearing a sweater outside, watching football on a Sunday afternoon, making (and consuming) soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, trips to the apple orchard, etc. However, the past two weeks have felt blah. It was too hot to be fall, but the activity and excitement of summer was over for us. Football had started, but just preseason… Yeah not as good as the real thing. All the things that make each season unique seemed lacking.

This weekend though, shocked me out of my apathy. The cooler weather meant the promise of fall. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. My husband and I enjoyed a lazy afternoon on the couch with the wind whipping outside the window. I felt revived and refreshed. I felt excited for what was coming and suddenly had the motivation to get things done around the house.

We have a wise creator. He knew that I (and maybe others) would get to the point where we needed change. We needed to be jolted out of our apathy, even if it is just a little jolt. I know that by November I am going to be tired of the “in-between” weather and I am going to be looking forward to blankets of snow and sledding, quiet mornings, when all the world seems still and peaceful. Then I will be tired of that too and looking forward to everything renewing and life creeping out of the snow… On and on it will continue to go and continue to keep me going.


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