The Things of Earth


Turn your eyes upon Jesus…and the things of earth will grow strangely dim.

We used to sing this song in church when I was little. Over the years the lyrics have hit me in different ways and at different times. This past week we had something called “The Gathering” at our church. It is a once a month meeting where those who are in leadership or serving positions come to worship together, to refocus and to do communion. I love this time because they pull out the really good church band and the worship is insightful, thought out and passionate. As we were singing songs about God’s goodness, power, mercy and grace the words to this song came back to me. Recently, I have felt bogged down and overwhelmed by the details and pettiness of life. I was focused on processes and not people. It was an incredibly gentle reminder of my purpose here and what God has called me to and who He has called me to serve. As I focused on those things and on Him, the “things” of earth did grow dim and unimportant and I was able to clearly see the pettiness for what it was.


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