I used to do a lot of babysitting. I started when I was 12 and continued all the way through high school and even a little bit in college. One of the things I feared the most was when I had to tell the parents that their kids were “not well behaved”. To be honest most of the time I severely sugar coated it. I had this deep fear that they would assume their child’s bad behavior was somehow my fault and they would blame me. It sounds seems so silly when I write it.
This fear didn’t stop after I moved on from babysitting, it continued as I was a small group leader and a teacher. It was only recently that I realized most parents really do want an honest evaluation of how their kids behave. My son is in a gymnastics class and a couple of weeks ago he had some trouble obeying his teacher. As a parent I was so grateful to know that. I want him to respect adults and to listen carefully. I want him to obey and to be polite in public (and at home). I can only know how it is going if his teachers tell me. As I continue to teach I will definitely be more honest about how students are doing. It is for their good and now I get that.


3 thoughts on “Parentphobia

  1. Lynn Jackaway


    As Steven deals with the public 24/7/365, he sees the behavior of children and the lack of parential leadership. He come home many times and thanks us for our correction and leadership in his life.

    Even though it is hard at times, continue to do the Lord’s will and “train a child in the ways he should go.”

    Keep up the good work.

    Cousin Lynn

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