The Garden


I have known Scott for almost ten years now. One of Scott’s characteristics that has always been evident to me is his passion to serve people who are hurting or who are in need. Over the years his service has taken many forms. I once heard him talk about wanting to start a garden at our church. Our church is pretty big and has a lot of acreage. He envisioned this garden being worked by students from our youth group and others. All the food grown would be given to local ministries that feed the homeless and the poor.

Last year Scott started the garden. I heard a little bit about it but to be honest I didn’t even know where on our property the garden was. This year however, there was a call for people to come on a Saturday morning and help tend and then harvest the garden. My hubby and I having three kids 4 and under find it hard to find service projects that we can do together and that we can do with our kids. Scott encouraged us to come and to bring the kids too. Our first time there was in August. We spent some time picking tomatoes and eggplants, getting rid of weeds and tending to enormous Basil plants (when my kids got in the van the whole back of the van smelled like Basil… it was wonderful). It was really cool.

Today was our second time helping in the garden. This time we spent all of our time picking tomatoes because they were stripping the garden today. As I talked to Scott about how this year went he told me that they were able to donate over 1,000 pounds of food to local ministries! 1,000 pounds… that blows my mind. Ellie was complaining to me that she was bored and didn’t want to help anymore and we talked about why we were working in the garden. This conversation made me realize the magnitude of what was being done. Food is one of our most basic needs and because we spent a few hours helping there were people who were going to have another meal (or maybe more).

Scott also told me that one our deacons told him they wanted to use the garden next year to also provide food for people in our congregation who needed help. As if that wasn’t enough, Scott has also reached out to another organization that helps people with head injuries to rehabilitate and they want to bring some of their clients to help in the garden. The garden will also be expanded to twice its size next year. Scott looked at us and said that God was so good in providing these opportunities and this garden. I thought to myself that God also provided Scott with a vision and passion to do this and Scott obediently pursued the opportunity. It was so inspiring to be a part of this (hopefully an even bigger part next year) and to serve with my kids and teach them the incredible importance of serving others in need.


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