Do You Trust Me?


In the movie Aladdin there is a scene where Jasmine and Aladdin are on her palace “porch” and he offers to take her for a ride the magic carpet to see the world. She is hesitant and he says to her, “Do you trust me?”

It is an interesting question and a powerful one. I thought of this question twice recently. The first time was when I was reading the storybook Bible to my kids. We were reading the story of Abraham and Isaac. God asks Abraham to take Isaac and sacrifice him. This story didn’t mean much to me as a child but now that I have my own children I realize the significance of God’s request to Abraham. In essence he asks Abraham, “Do you trust me?” I used to answer that question so flippantly, “Of course”.

This past weekend a woman at our church passed away from cancer. I knew her a little. We sang on the worship team together a couple of times. What really hit me was the fact that she had two young girls. When I looked back at my kids in the car after I heard the news my heart just sank. I thought of not being there for them after the first day of school, missing out on their first game, being absent at Christmas and other holidays, never knowing the person they chose to marry and the list goes on and on…

My heart was incredibly heavy as I thought about all of these things and it was as if God whispered to me, “Do you trust me? Would you trust that I love your kids more than you do? Would you trust me to take care of them?” It is when you are like Abraham faced with an impossible decision or the woman from my church when you know that you won’t be there that this question becomes more than theoretical and you are truly tested. I hope that my answer would be “yes”.


2 thoughts on “Do You Trust Me?

  1. sarah anne

    I hope my answer would be “yes” as well … thank you for sharing Dre. My heart sank as well with the news … many many prayers for the family. I pray to trust more!

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