Last night my hubby took me to see Sarah McLachlan for my birthday. She was incredible. She is truly an artist. She writes her own music, plays piano and guitar and leads her band, and she also has an amazing voice, which she uses brilliantly. As l sat listening to her I was reminded of my days when I used to dream of being an artist. I took piano lessons but I didn’t have a natural “knack” for it. I also used to draw and paint but I never invested in that talent. I used to write poetry and stories but I was so discouraged when a grown up told me my story wasn’t realistic that I threw it away. Being some sort of artist has always appealed to me but the practical, “what are you ever going to do with that?” side if me always won out. I know that there has to be a balance but I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to pursue that dream…


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