Kind Words


The end of the school year is often times a mix of emotions for me. I push and push to get there and most of the time feel relieved that the end is in sight. However, there is another part of me that feels burned out and discouraged. It probably has everything to do with being extra tired and having a lot of extra activities added to the schedule. Whatever the cause I find myself, what seems like every year, questioning if I really am good at what I do or if I really make any difference. I was feeling this more acutely this year and went into the last day of class just wanting the year to be done.
On the last day of class I had two students hand me notes and one of them handed me a bag with the note. Their notes expressed how much they had enjoyed my English class, how much they had learned and how much they appreciated the effort I put into making class fun for them. I was blown away by these gestures. First, these students are Jr. High students who- to grossly overgeneralize- rarely think of others. Second, it was the students themselves who wrote me these notes of appreciation, not their parents.
These words of kindness were so healing to me. I have always struggled with self-esteem issues and doubt (although if we are going to be truthful, who hasn’t?) and I think the enemy knows when and how to kick me when I am down. God is so good and He knows me so well. I hadn’t even really turned these thoughts and feelings over to Him and He already had encouragement waiting for me.
I have these notes saved in a special spot and in the bag was a beautiful pair of earrings. I will take the notes out again and read them and I will wear the earrings and when I do I will remember how gracious God is and how kind words can bring healing and encouragement.


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