A Lesson in Trust


Our previous attempts to berry pick this summer had been foiled by one more pressing activity or another, so we decided last week was the time to go. We found a farm that had blueberries and raspberries and we were very excited. As we pulled into the farm my husband and I looked at each other with the “oh no” face (Parents… I think you know what I mean). In the yard was a large black dog. It was a lab and seemed to be a calm and gentle dog but these facts make no difference to my 5 year old.
For some reason, unbeknownst to my husband or myself our daughter developed an intense fear of dogs a few years ago. It seems rather ridiculous because my parents had a dog when she was young and this didn’t seem to be a problem.
Whatever the cause of this fear may be, she freaks out about dogs. I had to pick up some papers at a friends home one day and I told the kids we were taking a ride to their house and the first question my daughter asked was, “Do they have a dog?”
The usual symptoms when a dog makes its appearance are jumping, shrieking, trying to climb the nearest parent and uncontrollable sobbing. My husband and I have tried to reason with her. We have talked about how the dogs are friendly and how there isn’t anything to be afraid of. Our next tactic was to talk about how mommy and daddy are there to protect her. We will watch over her and we won’t let anything happen to her. We will keep the dog away from her. This didn’t really seem to help and over time her fear and reaction seemed to get worse.
So back to the farm, of course our daughter noticed the dog as soon as we opened the van door and she burst into tears and her usual freak out routine. I found myself really frustrated with her and I asked her why she didn’t trust mommy and daddy. I felt like that was the root of the issue was that she didn’t trust that we would keep her safe.
As I was thinking about this incident on the way home I started to think about the Israelites. I guess this came to mind because my husband and I just taught about them at camp. God desperately wanted His people to trust Him and to believe that He truly wanted what was best for them, but over and over again they didn’t trust Him to watch over them or to do what was best for them.
Of course, I couldn’t leave that thought there. What about my relationship with Him? How often do I question whether or not He will really protect me, or whether or not He has my best interests at heart? Unfortunately, I am a lot like my daughter in that respect. I don’t trust Him, or I say that I do, much like my daughter does, but my actions tell a different tale.
I am just so thankful that God is gracious and He is so patient as I continue to learn to trust Him.


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