I’m Back


So if you thought this blog had been left for dead, it was. I was recently inspired by a few things to “get back on the horse”.

The first of these circumstances has to do with a couple of family members who shall remain nameless (my grandma and uncle *cough, cough*). One who subtly and one who not so subtly mentioned that I don’t write anymore. Okay they didn’t use those words but I did think that it has been a really long time, which leads me to my second prompting.

Recently, I feel like I am coming out of a fog. Many years ago I was talking to a mother of four, three of whom had just gone back to school and she said to me, “I feel so good. I feel like I am coming out of a fog”. Being a fresh out of college, newlywed I smiled a “knowing” smile and nodded my head. I couldn’t have been more clueless as to what she was talking about if she was explaining the science of jet propulsion (#idon’tgetscience…#idon’tgethashtags). I totally understand what she is saying now. Last year I sent my older two off to school… all day, every day school, two of them… every day… did I mention all day? It was incredible. So why didn’t you start writing again last year? you ask… well that brings me to my third prompting.

I feel like I have something to offer again. I went from having zero children to having three in 31 months, no that isn’t a typo. Yes you read correctly. There were days I couldn’t even find a clean shirt to put on (and believe me I tried but seriously a clean shirt was like a target in our house- “Who can be the first to pee, poop, spit up or throw their food all over mom’s shirt?” I swear it was a game they were all secretly in on). At one point I had all three in diapers. I would give my husband TPRs (The Poop Report) when he got home. I had days were the changing table became an assembly line. Needless to say, the end of the day came and I was tapped out. Being an introvert I recharge from quiet and solitude and there was very little of that in the house. I felt frazzled, fried and at times inhuman. This past year has given me time. Time to sit, time to think, time to contemplate, time for silence. Granted I still have one at home whose favorite activity some days is chattering, but I found more than I had before. So as the fog lifts and the cobwebs and dust are swept from my head, I’m back.


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