Prince Charming does the dishes


Today is my 13th wedding anniversary. My marriage is a teenager now. This year I have the gift of words for my husband. And maybe a card. 

A truth I have come to realize over the last thirteen years is that marriage isn’t about grand gestures, there may be times when those are necessary, but it is about the daily sacrifice. Fairy tales and princess movies lead us to believe that the perfect guy is Prince Charming riding up on his noble steed, but the truth is most of us don’t often need to be rescued from a tower where our evil “stepmother”, who really has no relation to us, has locked us for the last two decades of our life. Most of us just want some help with the dishes.  We want a guy who will come along side us. We want a guy who is there in the daily grind. We want a guy who is willing to be on our team and has our back. We want a guy who calls us out on our issues. A prince charming who only shows up in the grand ways misses the connection and beauty of the small moments of life. This is where a bond is forged, where relationship is built, where trust is deepened. Sure there are the romatic dinners and cuddling during a movie, but what I have come to realize is I am so thankful for a Prince Charming who does the dishes. 


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