A Bittersweet Day


It is kickoff Sunday for the football season. I love football. I am so excited for this, I have been waiting with baited breath since the Superbowl ended! This day, however also brings a sense of sadness for me. This past January my grandfather passed away. He was a football fan, not just a casual one, a hardcore football fan. He would watch college, professional, I don’t really think it mattered to him. He is the major contributor to my passion for football. His favorite team was the Giants. He loved his Giants. Good season, bad season, Superbowl year, rebuilding year, he stuck with them. So today I am sitting here on a beautiful, sunny fall day with the Giants game on, missing him a lot. I will cheer all the harder for them this year (unless they are playing the Lions) since he can’t and be so thankful for all the great memories I had with him.


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