Mother’s Day and Our Strawberry Patch


This is our strawberry “patch”. Our family had such a great experience with our garden last year we decided to expand this year. My hubby did quite a bit of research on how to successfully grow strawberries. We learned quite a bit. First of all there are two different kinds of strawberry plants: June bearing and ever bearing. Just as the name implies, June bearing strawberry plants produce strawberries in June (or around there). Ever bearing will produce throughout the summer. We also discovered that in your first year if you pick off all the flowers and don’t allow the plant to produce strawberries it will come back the following year and you will get a huge crop. The same is true for the ever bearing. If you pick off the flowers until July you might get some in August but you will really reap the benefits (pardon the pun) the following year.
We have put A LOT of time into planting these strawberries and getting everything set up and ready but to be perfectly honest I haven’t really felt upset about not having strawberries this year because I know that next year it will so be worth it.
Mother’s day was Sunday. I had a nice Mother’s Day, my husband did an incredible job of making me feel so loved and so special. My parents were here and treated me to a special dinner. To be honest though, my kids fought during the day, I had to ask my son for the millionth time to put his clothes in his laundry bag and not on the floor, my youngest was getting over being sick and was super clingy and I still did 3 loads of laundry. Some days motherhood is just hard. Some days it feels like I haven’t accomplished a single worthwhile activity. I feel many days like I am talking to three brick walls that make an immense amount of noise. There are just those days where it is all work and I don’t reap anything. It struck me today how much motherhood is like my strawberry patch. It is a ton of work and you don’t reap much some days, but with patient perseverance there will be so much to reap later and it is worth the work.


One thought on “Mother’s Day and Our Strawberry Patch

  1. sarah anne

    I love this … you gave me chilly willies! So true … so worth the work … so hard … may the crop be amazing!! 🙂 Love you and happy happy Momma’s Day chica … your the best!

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