Where Have I Been?


I know, I know. I was doing so well. Here is the update:
Christmas Through Lowell I spent the months of October and November
feverishly working on items for Christmas Through Lowell. I wasn’t
sure how this year would go or even if I would want to do it next
year, but it was the best year I have had yet! I sold out of quite
a few items and got a ton of custom orders! It was very exciting. I
also have some exciting new ideas for next year (which I will
devote a whole blog to later). Christmas itself: The rest of the
year was filled with Christmas planning, Christmas parties,
Christmas gifts, Christmas concerts and so on and so forth. That
pretty much brings us to the new year. I am hoping to be more
diligent in writing (was that a resolution?). I guess that will
come with time management and organization (oh no more
resolutions). I’m going to stop before I have a resolution list a
mile long.


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