Vision Problems


My husband had a rough day yesterday. He is in ministry and one of his volunteers decided that the ministry was all screwed up and not him/her. He/she decided to single out my husband as the source of all his/her issues. At first I was furious about this and the more I thought about it the more I realized that the problem was a vision problem and even worse it is a vision problem that I have too. As humans we so often forget our place. We think we are bigger and more amazing than we really are. We think that when we serve others or serve in a ministry setting we are doing God a big favor. It is really rather amusing and sad when you think about it. We are doing the Creator of the universe a favor. The One who spoke all things into being. The One who sent a flood to start things over, the One who created the Grand Canyon, the One who created the planets and the stars, the One who holds all things in place, the One who wiped out nations and kingdoms needs our help? No, He doesn’t. Sometimes we forget that when we serve God is creating a heart like His in us (at least I think that is the point). The God who created all that we see could do these things with a thought or word. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that God calls us to serve and that is something He desires, however He doesn’t “need” us. When I thought about this I realized how ridiculous it is the pettiness of some of my issues. The details that I once felt so important just don’t seem to be all that vital after all. I want to serve and be thankful for the work God is doing in me and in my heart and not the “favor” I am doing for Him.


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